Need a writing coach or an editor?

Why should you hire me?

Because I’ve been writing professionally for two decades and have a number of awards testifying that I’m pretty good at it. Because I’ve done everything from rewriting poor press releases to interviewing the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem to slogging my way through the first-draft of a nearly 300-page novel and using the NaNoWriMo competition to produce 50,000 words of a second. And because, most importantly, I’m interested in you finding both your voice and success.

I can facilitate development or fine-tuning of the following: personal essays, op-eds, feature articles, blog posts, memoirs, non-fiction books, novels, dissertations, even letters to the editor. I also offer consulting to help you go from idea to first sentence, and I’m open to ghostwriting. My rates are negotiable, but general prices are listed below, followed by testimonials.

Copy-editing of polished, final-draft submissions: $20/hour

Consulting (how-to, brainstorming, possible sources, reference leads, etc.): $30/hour

Detailed line editing (grammar, syntax, spelling, word usage): $40/hour

Rewriting: $50/hour


When I started working with Renee Schafer Horton, I was an experienced journalist about to venture into the realm of column writing, and Renee was a seasoned columnist whose regular venues had included the Dallas Morning News. When I asked for her help, she stepped into the role of my mentor. Renee didn’t fall all over herself to speak gently when she saw something that wasn’t working in my writing. She was dependably straightforward. Yet our editing sessions almost always boosted my self-esteem. It felt as if she knew the path ahead of me and admired the writer I was sure to become. (It didn’t hurt that she’s very funny. When you’re being edited, comic relief can be such a … relief.)

- Laura Marble, freelance writer, former Northwest Explorer columnist


When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, I was in the midst of editing several memoirs for a group of senior citizens. Having no power or access to my studio for several weeks, I reached out to my colleague Renee Schafer Horton for emergency editorial assistance. Renee jumped right in, tackling a particularly dense and rambling piece of writing. She restructured and polished the text, cut extraneous words without losing the main narrative, corrected grammar and punctuation, and made many other thoughtful suggestions that greatly improved the story. Her editorial services were a Godsend! I heartily recommend Renee for your next book project.

– Judith Dupré,


Having worked on stories with Renee, I’ve benefited from her careful sentence crafting and precise choice of details. Her empathy leads her to the resonating questions, whether directed at a journalistic source or at another writer. Her doggedness leads her to answers and beautifully polished prose. I’m grateful to have had the chance to learn from her and would recommend it without pause.

- Carli Brosseau,  Arizona Daily Star