I’m a freelance writer, editor, writing coach — and the academic advisor in the University of Arizona School of Journalism. My work has appeared in the Tucson Citizen, the Dallas Morning News, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, The Arizona Republic, the National Catholic Reporter, the Arizona Daily Star, and many smaller venues. I’ve won state and national awards for feature writing, commentary, news reporting and most recently, the 2009 Arizona Press Club award for “Best News Blog”. Please check out my current writing at Bus Stop Jesus and read some of my past best efforts here.

While I excel at commentary, feature profiles and long-form narrative, I’ve done breaking news and investigations, including contributing to reporting in the New York Times of the Jan. 8, 2011 attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  I’m drawn to unique human interest stories such as this piece I wrote on a professor doing ground-breaking research after a massive stroke, or this story reconstructing the day Tucson police officer Erik Hite was killed.

Editors describe me as a reliable, detailed-oriented writer who meets deadlines and has the ability to get recalcitrant sources to open up. Sources describe me as inquisitive and tenacious, but polite. Writers whom I’ve coached or edited say I’m encouraging, conscientious, and respectful all while challenging them to refine and better their work.

Please explore the site for samples of my writing, a resume, and recommendations from those who’ve worked with me. If you’d like to contact me regarding your writing or editing needs, click on the “Hire me” link below or write to rshorton08 (at) gmail.com. Enjoy!

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